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The Purpose of Coaching is

Empowering Self Growth


About Me

I am a certified Life and Executive Coach certified by the International Coach Federation, USA, and a member of the International Coach Council.

In the recent past, I have been consulting individuals in private one on one sessions and in groups via webinars. My expertise is in relationships and personality development - related to family and workspace environment.

Additionally, I work with individuals and corporates to help with strategizing for work-life balance, time management, assertiveness, confidence-building, soft skill development, and business etiquette.

Fortunate to have rich life experience as an entrepreneur having started and run successful businesses in the grooming and wellness space where I held grooming and training workshops, retail business in eyewear fashion, and a bespoke lifestyle studio

I am an avid traveler with rich and varied experience of interacting with people of different cultures, languages, and countries. 


Specializing in Life & Executive Coaching 

Time Management 

As we are all struggling to manage our time better and optimize our goals, I am here to help you with better time management, to improve your stress levels.  

Couples Coaching

Compatibility is key, whether married, unmarried or if you just found each other. It is important to layout any expectations and be vocal about your feelings. I am here to walk you through a structured process to identify, what works for you, and what does not, with or without a partner. 


Anxiety is a common, often overlooked aspect of our mental health. It is important to address how you are feeling, irrespective of the cause, or consequence. I am here to help you deal with your triggers & subsequent emotions.  

Work Life Balance

Balance is key, no matter the profession or goals you might want to achieve in life. It is important to work towards a healthy work-life balance, where you feel happy, content, and positive. 


Relationships have continued to become more complicated, as we have continued to get busier, we brush away the difficult questions or issues we face with various situations in the multiple relationships we maintain. I am here to help you break down any concerns and struggles. 

Adolescent Coaching

Young adults, teenagers & pre-teens are some of the toughest years, filled with constant change. I am here to help you work through all kinds of concerns.  


Tell Me Your Story

I would love to know more about you and tell you how I can add value to your growth & journey. 

Thanks for submitting!

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Kalpana Sarkar

Life does not come with a user manual, so when it throws a curveball your way, not one but a volley of them, what do you do?? For a seemingly strong person, or so I thought I was, I found myself pushed to a corner. A good friend suggested I reach out to talk to someone and that is when I met Anupama Kapoor. What was most comforting about Anu was her friendly presence and kind assistance in addressing my issues. Her advice and encouragement helped ease my anxiety and pain and I couldn't thank you enough.


I have taken to my heart the advice to practice acceptance and embrace the new normal. It's also so comforting to know that you are just a phone call away.


Thank you for being there.


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Anjum Emanuel

I am grateful that I got the chance to get coached under Anupama Kapoor. I found her, a guide who was empathetic, understanding, and supportive. She not only understood my issues well but also offered suggestions on how to deal with the challenges that I was facing, effectively.


Her kind and welcoming persona made the entire process easier and memorable. I have learned quite a lot from my coaching experiences with her and am thankful to her for sharing her insights and perspectives.

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Counseling is a private conversation that takes place behind closed doors. After my second marriage, I had a lot of issues to deal with. But my coach Anupama Kapoor made it very simple for me. I too was brutally honest with my issues with her. Her flexibility, empathy & patience to listen to me & my problems made it possible for me to handle the whole process well. She has the ability to see beyond the spoken word & could connect with me as to truly what was happening in my life.


Over the next few days, I developed a strong therapeutic relationship with Anupama Kapoor, my coach.

Nakeisha Mehta


I really enjoyed the session with Mrs. Anu Kapoor. She made me feel very comfortable so that I could share my anxieties and thoughts with her. Her guidance was very practical which I could easily follow. She listened to me very patiently and made me realize where I was going wrong in my life's approach. She gave me clarity about how to make correct career choices. I am very thankful to her for showing me the correct path.

Jaypal Jhala


It's been a long journey of bad and goods I have been going through a lot of personal life-based issues, which were being too hard on me and I had no one to share my thoughts or to understand me but Anupama has always been there to guide me just as a true friend, a person to look up to.

You have always been helping me out and hearing my thoughts and worries that have helped me grow as a person


Thank you for all the guidance and support you have shown and given me. 



Anger management, I never thought that I could ever need help, at least for a month I was hesitant to approach my coach Anupama Kapoor.


My mom was insistent as she could notice the problem cause I was getting angry and upset on petty issues, which later created hustle in my married life. Later when I realized I went for my first session, in which I was a little to myself not opening up but very patiently and a 3-hour long session with coach Anupama Kapoor she heard me and tried to find the cause behind my anger.


She put in all her efforts to reach the root of the problem and guide me into dealing with them. After a few sessions, it felt like magic and is still working like one cause now I have become more patient my anger feels like far fetched.


Mental health is considered a taboo in India but India needs coaches like Anupama Kapoor. It is evident in every household that one faces such problems like anger, stress, anxiety, balance, etc. but nobody really wishes to talk about it.

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